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Roofing Industry's New Reality

In the volatile solar market, roofers are often left navigating a maze of challenges. With a high turnover in solar companies, customers struggle to find reliable support for their solar systems, pushing the burden onto roofers.

This shift leaves roofing professionals grappling with unfamiliar solar installations, risking liability and facing coordination chaos.

Roofers are thrust into the frontline, forced to tackle the complexities of solar integration amidst a landscape of scheduling conflicts, expertise gaps, and heightened accountability.

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Don't Believe Warranty Scare Tactics

Solar companies often use warranty scare tactics, falsely claiming that using alternate services voids a 25-year parts warranty, to monopolize the market and inflate prices. This deceptive strategy traps homeowners, obscuring their right to choose affordable, competent solar maintenance options. It's crucial to see through these tactics and assert your right to quality, fair-priced service for your solar investment.

The homeowner has the right to use whoever they see fit to handle their investment.

PV National's Superior Warranty

10 Year Workmanship & Labor

Our industry leading warranty gives you and the homeowner piece of mind the job will be done right.



If you, or the homeowner, are not 100% happy with how the system looks we'll come back out and address it.

Power Production Guarantee

We guarantee the system is producing the same KW/h that it was before we began the work.

Roof Leaks & Interior Water Damage

If there are any leaks caused by our workmanship we cover all exterior and interior damage cost

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Head of Sales

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Reece Perry

Head of DNR

Nick Robert

Head of Finance / Admin

Who We Are

In Dallas-Fort Worth, the solar industry faces challenges, from high company turnover to misleading warranty tactics. We're passionate about offering transparent, top-notch solar detach and reset services to combat these issues.

Our expertise not only ensures quality workmanship but also empowers homeowners with knowledge and freedom of choice. We're committed to transforming industry standards in solar maintenance, delivering fairness and value to the community.

Our goal is simple: provide exceptional service that upholds the interests of Dallas-Fort Worth homeowners, contributing to a more sustainable, well-informed community.

Why Choose PV National For Your Solar Detach and Reset Needs

  • Guaranteed Reliability: We provide a solid warranty, ensuring our work is fully backed. Plus, we come highly recommended by professionals in the industry.

  • Crystal Clear Communication: Expect complete clarity on project timelines and processes, helping you set accurate expectations with your clients.

  • Licensed & Insured Expertise: Fully licensed in Texas for solar work, we carry all necessary documentation, reducing your liability as a General Contractor.

  • Established Physical Presence: Our physical office signifies our commitment to serious, reliable business, available for your in-person needs.

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Our Proven Detach & Reset Process

We Handle Everything, Start to Finish

Request an estimate

Receive estimate within 48 hours

Schedule Your Detach & Invoice

Arrive On Time For Your Detach

Clean & Store

Reset Panels Upon Completion

Job Closeout & Remaining Invoice

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